When it comes to buying alcohol, there are a ton of factors that go into our decision making processes. Aside from knowing what type of spirit you’re in the market for, the next consideration is usually the price of a bottle. We tend to reach for the cheaper bottles for our own home drinking and splurge a little if we’re gifting liquor to a friend or attending a party. We’re here to make the case that you deserve top shelf bottles all the time, they might set you back a few more bucks but they’re worth it and we’re all about treating yourself more often. If nothing else, your home bar needs at least one ornamental bottle, right?

There are several reasons why premium top shelf liquors are more expensive. Premium liquor companies often use all natural ingredients in their products and employ more stringent distilling practices and a longer aging process to ensure a higher quality without the use of preservatives or added sugar. Price is not always indicative of purity or quality, so before you drop a lot of cash always be sure to Google the company and ingredients. The following are our suggestions for the basic starter spirits, we’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.