Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek


The Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series is an exploration into the idea of terroir (soil, topography, and climate) in vodka, demonstrating that climate variation affects the taste yielded from the same superior Polish Dankowskie Diamond Rye used in each expression. Delicate and fresh, Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek is an expression of Diamond Dankowskie Rye grown exclusively in Northern Poland. The region’s glacial lakes and long winters produce rye that takes on notes of black pepper, toasted nuts, and cream. The resulting vodka is distinctly unique—the ultimate proof that origin affects taste.

The history of the super-premium vodka category begins with Belvedere Vodka. Crafted from a 600-year Polish tradition of vodka-making and using only 100% Polska rye and water from its own natural well, Belvedere is all natural, contains zero additives or sugar, and is produced in accordance with Poland’s strict vodka appellation. Belvedere’s distinctive taste is renowned today by discerning vodka drinkers worldwide.

  Belvedere Lake Bartezek received the 2018 Chairman’s Trophy from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge
•  2017, 2016 & 2015 Vodka Producer of the Year – International Spirits Challenge

    Bottle size: 700ml

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