CÎROC Summer Collection (3 bottles)

The perfect summer gift set!

CÎROC is one of the world’s only vodkas created entirely from grapes. Produced from French grapes harvested when frozen, cold-fermented and distilled five times, CÎROC brings the fine art of wine-production to ultra-premium vodka. Includes three 750ml bottles: CÎROC Summer Colada, CÎROC Peach, and CÎROC Pineapple.


Introducing the new 2018 CÎROC Summer Colada Limited Edition Bottle, a fusion of fresh pineapple abounds with a touch of coconut cream. Tropical collaboration that can't be denied. Limited-time only - get it before it's gone!

Bottle Size: 700ml


CÎROC Peach Vodka is the perfect blend of clean finish, smooth vodka with an all-natural and unique balance of peach and other tropical fruit essences. Enjoy it alone or mix into your favorite peach cocktail.

Bottle Size:700ml 


CÎROC Pineapple tastes of juicy, perfectly ripened pineapple with a subtle hint of vanilla and a silky smooth finish. CÎROC Pineapple elevates the flavor profile of all tropical drinks, providing exotic escapism for a year-round summer state of mind. Recommended simple mixers are tonic water, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Bottle Size:700ml 

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