Whispering Angel

Whispering Angel (3 bottles) with Sugarfina Advent Calendar


Whispering Angel (3 Bottles)

The primary grapes of the Whispering Angel rosé are Grenache and Rolle which are key components of the house style at Château d’Esclans. It is Grenache that provides the fruit and structure to the blend. The Rolle (a.k.a. Vermentino), being a very aromatic grape, adds floral notes and lushness on the palate.

Sugarfina Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas never tasted so sweet. This holly jolly tasting collection is the perfect way to count down the 24 days until Santa's arrival. Each festive little drawer of the Sugarfina advent calendar is filled with four pieces of each of the candies below to delight you and your loved ones. Season’s sweetings for you and yours!

-Apple Frogs
-Baby Butterflies
-Baby Whales
-Birthday Cookie Bites
-Candy Cane Caramels
-Christmas Trees
-Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
-Gold Pearls
-Heavenly Sours
-Ice Cream Cones
-Mama Bears
-Merry Berries
-Mint Chocolate Caviar
-Parisian Pineapples
-Peach Hearts
-Pink Flamingos
-Pumpkin Spice Almonds
-Red Apple Caramels
-Royal Roses
-Snowman Gummies
-Sparkle Pops
-Sugar Cookies

Includes: Three (750ml) bottles of Whispering Angel and one Sugarfina Advent Calendar

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