Creyente™ Mezcal Joven

Creyente™ Mezcal Joven comes from a rich artisanal tradition to create a remarkable new alchemy, blending distinctive agaves, regions, and traits which give birth to an extraordinary mezcal.

Creyente™ is based on the philosophy that anything is possible. This belief is reflected in Creyente’s pursuit in creating an unbelievable mezcal. Creyente™ is the union of 100% Espadin agave harvested from two regions, Tlacolula with its rich soils and Yautepec and its wild mountainous terrain. The result of this remarkable blend is a paradox, a curious alchemy and an unbelievable mezcal drinking experience.

Our visionary blend takes the form of a hybrid animal with a velvety smooth body, sweet hints of fruit, and light herbal notes with an overarching rich, smoky mesquite wood flavor. Creyente™ is best enjoyed by sips– accompanied by sal de gusano (worm salt) and a fresh orange wedge or a sangrita.

Agave Type: 100% Espadin
Region of Origin: Yautepec & Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico
Oven Type: Earth Oven
Milling Type: Stone Mill
Fermentation Type: Wood Tank
Water: Natural Spring Water
Distillation Type: Copper Alembic
Number of Distillations: Two

Bottle size: 700ml

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