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Harridan Vodka with AVEC Yuzu & Lime and AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange


Harridan Vodka

Harridan sets a new standard for premium vodka, handcrafted in small batches in Ovid, New York. It is naturally gluten-free and distilled from locally grown, organic corn. Its overproof strength — 88 proof to be exact — is an homage to the bossy, defiant women of the past that inspired the brand’s namesake. Harridan's distinct taste stands out in a cocktail but is smooth enough to drink on the rocks.

Its craftsmanship does not end at the vodka, as every bottle of Harridan is one-of-a-kind, having been hand-blown in Mexico from recycled glass and then hand-dipped in Harridan's signature black wax. For those craving something more elevated than what the vodka aisle has offered until now, Harridan is the easy answer.

AVEC Yuzu & Lime

Like a club soda that actually has a taste or a tonic without having to go diet. Our yuzu juice is brought all the way in from Japan to bring you it’s citrusy goodness. We pair it with a dash of lemongrass and lime for a delicious but light alternative.

AVEC Yuzu & Lime is ZERO sugar and ZERO calories compared to 21 calories/80 g of sugar in tonic water. Serve with a double shot of your favorite spirit (we recommend gin, vodka or tequila) and a whole can. 

AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange

We have always loved a spicy margarita but don’t like waiting, making or paying for it. This time we’ve combined the classic heat of jalapeno with the zesty flavor of Blood Orange and Calamansi (a southeast Asian citrus fruit). Spicy and tart with a touch of natural sweetness, it is the perfect drink-all-night kind of mix.

AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange is only 15 calories and 2g of sugar compared to 200 calories/22g of sugar in cranberry juice Serve a chilled can with a double shot (2oz)  of your favorite spirit.

Includes: One (750ml) bottle of Harridan Vodka, one 4 pack of (8 oz Cans) AVEC Yuzu & Lime, and one 4 pack of (8 oz Cans) AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange.

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