Hyde Whiskey

Hyde No. 6 - 18yr SM with 8yr Special Reserve Sherry Finish

HYDE No.6 President’s Reserve is HYDE Whiskey's master distiller’s very special selection of old reserve Irish whiskey casks from our warehouse. It is named 1938 in honour of Irelands very first President, Douglas Hyde, who was inaugurated into office on the 28th of June 1938.

Hyde No.6 is created using 18-Year-Old Single Malt with 8-Year-Old Single Grain which were both originally aged in flame-charred American Bourbon barrels. These two carefully chosen vintages are then married together for a further 9 months of ‘finishing’ in Spanish, Vintage, toasted, Oloroso sherry cask Butts, which is why we call it ‘Double Wood’. Each butt is 491 Litres or 108 gallons in size.

Bottle size: 750ml

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