Irish to the Core

Ireland's Legendary Clan Collection

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The perfect lineup of Irish whiskies, liqueurs, and vodka. This collection includes:

  • Brady's Irish Cream

  • Boru Irish Vodka

  • Clontarf Irish Whiskey

  • Knappogue Castle Single Malt 12 Year Old

  • Celtic Honey Liqueur

  • Brady's Irish Cream
    Brady’s Irish Cream is made in small batches from locally sourced, fresh Irish cream and single malt Irish whiskey. Brady’s full, rounded flavor and silky consistency make it an irresistibly mixable ingredient for creamy cocktails, sipped neat or on the rocks.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

    Boru Irish Vodka
    Boru Irish Vodka is made in Ireland and named for the legendary High King, Brian Boru, who united Ireland in 1014. His uncompromising spirit and bold attitude are our inspiration. Pristine waters and five distillations produce a clean vodka of unusual clarity and exceptional smoothness. Its crisp, even taste makes it a fresh alternative to enjoy neat or in cocktails.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

    Clontarf Irish Whiskey
    Clontarf Irish Whiskey is named after the legendary Battle of Clontarf, led by the High King Brian Boru, which sent Viking invaders packing from Ireland in 1014. This whiskey is produced from a blend of single malt and grain whiskey. It is triple distilled and then aged for at least 4 years in bourbon, charred oak casks. Clontarf is delicious neat and in a variety of cocktails.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

    Knappogue Castle Single Malt 12 Year Old
    Our signature expression, is an exceptional single malt made exclusively from malted barley. Triple distilled one batch at a time in traditional, onion-shaped copper pot stills, the whiskey is then aged in bourbon oak casks for twelve years. The delicate distillation process, along with the moist and temperate climate, yields the distinctive flavor of this remarkable Irish single malt.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

    Celtic Honey Liqueur
    Celtic Honey Liqueur is made with 100% Irish ingredients, including local honey and single malt Irish whiskey. Inspired by the traditional honey mead of the ancient Celtic tribes, this delicate, sweet and smooth spirit can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a delicious cocktail.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

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