Kilbeggan® Blended Irish Whiskey

A double distilled blended whiskey, Kilbeggan® manages to be both complex and approachable at the same time, making it the ideal introduction for those exploring the world of Irish whiskey. Its double distillation gives it a robust profile with more character than blends that are triple distilled. Warm and accessible as the people who create it, Kilbeggan® is the perfect complement to just about any mixer and can be enjoyed with cola, ginger ale, or soda, or as a stand-alone shot.

Aroma: A taste of sweet Oloroso plus some sweet malt that overpowers the clean grain
Taste: The palate reveals soft almond nougat, peach, caramel and vanilla flavors before finishing quickly with soft, light malt sugar flavors
Finish: The dryness persists with some genuine woody oak tones

Bottle Size: 750ml

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