Malecon Rum

Malecon Reserva Superior Rum 12 Year

A round and full-bodied rum, with fragrant notes of bright orange peel, cinnamon, buttercream, and ripe apricots. This beautiful and elegant rum sustains a lengthy mouthfeel and warm richness right to the finish.

SERVING SUGGESTION: While a splash of tonic is never frowned upon, Malecon’s 12 year is best left to its own devices in the glass. Enjoy neat on a cold winter evening or over ice during the sweltering summer with a wedge of lime.
STRENGTH: Distilled at 40% ABV
NOSE: Sweet vanilla, soft oak and fruit notes.
BODY: Robust and Balanced. Medium body.
WOOD: Certified 12 Years in White Oak
PALATE: Macerated Tropical fruit notes. Vanilla and Oak perfectly balanced.
FINISH:: A Long, opulent finish. Viscous and mouthwatering. A true sipping rum.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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