Malfy Originale with Dartington Gin Connoisseur Martini Blue Pair

Malfy™ Originale is a classic dry style gin made with Italian juniper and five other botanicals and blended with Italy’s purest source of mineral water – from the nearby Monviso mountain spring.

Italian invented gin in the 11th century. Monks living on the Salerno Coast gathered juniper berries and mixed them with alcohol. Today, our family makes Malfy G.Q.D.I. (Gin di Qualità Distillato in Italia) at our distillery in Moncalieri. We use Italian ingredients across our range of gins to give Malfy its signature Italian flavor. We hope you enjoy Malfy Gin as much as we do.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Whether you will be mixing up a Martini or another style of cocktail, the classic Martini glass in ice blue is designed to cater to the ever-growing styles of gin drinking. The Gin Connoisseur collection is a selection of handmade glasses ideal for every gin fan.

• Set of two
• Colored (blue)
• Capacity: 6.3 oz.
• Dimensions: 5.5"

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