Matusalem® Platino

Two brothers, Benjamin and Edward Camp, and their third partner, Evaristo Alvarez, embarked on an adventure to create the highest quality, smoothest rum. Thus, Matusalem® Rum was born, becoming Cuba’s national rum during the Golden Age (mid-1930s-early 1950s). This era abruptly ended with the coming of the Castro revolution. 140 years later, the name continues to be recognized globally as a symbol of quality.

Matusalem® Platino is a unique combination of triple-distilled and double-filtered rum. It has an exceptionally clean aroma and a delicately balanced and subtle flavor – the equivalent to a Solera 3 blending process. The unique bottle boasts a modern design that highlights its singularity and history.

Platino is the perfect addition to a well-crafted Mojito, Daiquiri, or Punch. It is also delicious in mixed drinks.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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