Maven Pinot Noir Vodka Cocktail

Maven Cocktails mingles super premium wine, gluten-free vodka and all natural flavors. Born out of our love of fine wine and the lack of great choices at most bars, clubs and lounges, we set out to raise the bar. We've created a consistent, one-of-a-kind cocktail with the flavor of a great glass of wine and the spirit of a classic mixed drink. Inspired by the vibrant energy of New York City, Maven is the the ultimate combination of style and great taste.

We use only the best all-natural ingredients - including Pinot Noir from award winning vineyards in the Central Coast of California and corn vodka that was distilled 6 times. Our Maven Pinot Noir Cocktail has a rich yet refreshing flavor with an expertly balanced mix of bright fruit and spice, which gives it a remarkable energy and vitality with a hint of earthiness. The result is a consistently satisfying experience that's 13.5% alcohol, 171 calories per bottle and only 6.3 carbs.

Bottle size: 200ml (4-Pack)

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