Northern Border Collection

Lot No. 40 Rye Whisky

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  • 100% Rye Grain
  • Pot Distilled in Small Batches
  • Aged in New American Oak

    These three absolute truths are what define Lot 40 as a whisky. Rye grain produces a bold and spicy whisky and while other rye whiskies look to dial down those attributes by using a mash bill of mixed grains or by stripping out those notes through column distillation, Lot 40 is crafted specifically to showcase these key characteristics. We make it one batch at a time in a single copper pot still to preserve the fruity, floral notes that result from fermentation. We then age Lot 40 in new American oak barrels to introduce notes of vanilla and caramel, resulting in a complex and bold whisky. It takes a special grain to survive the North's long, cold winters – one that thrives in places other crops don't —  Lot 40 stands out as a Rye whisky that is truly unmistakable.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

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