Oak & Eden

Oak & Eden Cabernet Steeped Bourbon

Cabernet Steeped Bourbon is Oak & Eden’s first small­-batch expression. We start with bourbon whiskey, distilled from corn, rye and barley. We age our whiskey for two years in new American charred oak barrels, which produces a rich, deep and sweet, yet slightly spicy spirit. Exceptional on its own, but our work has just begun.

Most often used to age wine, we use French Oak to breath new life and inspiration into our whiskey. At bottling, we add a 5 inch long spiral cut piece of French Oak. We call this our "Spire". This spire is not only exceptional due to it species of origin, it is exceptional because we rest it in cabernet sauvignon for 4 weeks before allowing it to rest in our bottle, finishing our whiskey. The combination of American bourbon whiskey, finished with a French Oak spire that has been influenced with deep, rich, red wine creates an inspired elixir that is sweet, fruity and simply remarkable. Combining sweet bourbon, with rich, deep cabernet and french oak, produces a creative whiskey experience that must be imbibed to fully appreciate.

Bottle size: 750ml

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