Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine with Billykirk Square Leather Bottle Holder

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We are done messing around, it’s time to raise the proof. At 128 proof, it’s clear, clean and exactly what moonshine should be. Purity and perfection are the name of the game when it comes to Ole Smoky® Blue Flame Moonshine. Evidence of our high quality, high proof moonshine is all in the color of the flame – if it burns blue, it’s true.

Bottle size: 750ml

Inspired by their partnership with ReserveBar, Billykirk designed the Square Bottle Tote to offer a stylish way to bring a bottle from A to B.

American full-grain leather offers a resilient flexibility, allowing the carrier to age gracefully and develop a unique character as it does so. Designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, the minimal design is able to collapse nearly flat.

• Color: Brown
• Dimensions: 14 3/4" H x 6 5/8" W (flat) x 4 1/8" Diameter
• Capacity: 1 Bottle (up to 13 1/2" H x 3 3/4" D)
• Materials: Full Grain Leather
• Made in USA

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