Plymouth Sloe Gin Liqueur

"Plymouth Sloe Gin is a quintessentially English drink – the origins of which have been lost in time. Although sloe berries grow all over Europe and many countries have their own version, it is the English style that is the most familiar. Come October, blackthorn bushes start to produce their fruit. The sloes are handpicked. This can be tricky since the blackthorn has very sharp thorns! Tradition has it that the sloes should be pricked prior to steeping (soaking), not with a fork but a silver pin! However, the established method is to use a thorn from the blackthorn bush. Another, far more practical method is to freeze the berries prior to steeping. They are then steeped in Plymouth Gin until the flavor has reached the desired intensity. Plymouth Sloe Gin is 26% ABV."

Bottle Size: 750ml

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