Ricard® Pastis

Ricard® Pastis is France’s most popular and beloved spirit, often enjoyed as a refreshing apéritif among friends. While you may be far from the sun-drenched cafés of Marseille, you can still savor life as the French do — one sip at a time. In France, people simply order a “jaune” (yellow), knowing they’ll be served a Ricard® Pastis. Adding water allows Ricard® to bloom, resulting in a bright louche of opaque yellow — sunshine in a glass.

Paul Ricard developed Ricard® in 1932 in Marseille, France. Ricard’s® secret recipe, unaltered since its creation, is composed of selected herbs and spices including Chinese star anise, Syrian licorice, and aromatic herbs from Provence, France.

On the palate, refreshing notes of licorice and star anise are followed by gentle hints of fruits, wood, and spices. The mouth feel is medium-bodied, and the finish long and pleasant.

Ricard® Pastis was chosen Exceptional Pastis at the International Review of Spirits Awards in 2014.

How to Drink:

Ricard® Pastis is a concentrated liqueur that is traditionally diluted with chilled water and served as an aperitif. When preparing a traditional Ricard® Pastis, it is essential to add ice last in order to prevent crystallization of the anethol component since that will compromise the flavor.

• 1 part Ricard® Pastis
• 5 parts cold water

Always add ice cubes last to preserve Ricard® Pastis’ flavor.

For a sweeter version, try adding a dash of syrup!

+ dash of grenadine = La Tomate
+ dash of orgeat/almond = La Mauresque
+ dash of green mint syrup = Le Perroquet

Bottle Size: 750ml

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