Signatory Single Cask Ardmore 9 Year (Cask #706260)

When people think of smokey whisky their minds immediately turn to Islay with its salty, iodine-laden peat.  But this is not representative of the whole.  Ardmore, in the Scottish Highlands, uses a much more delicate peat that introduces floral notes, roasted sweets, and even grilled meat flavors on occasion.  The peat smoke also plays more of a complementary role, making Ardmore far more approachable and even delicate - especially when compared with what people have in their minds for peated Scotch.


This specific single cask of Ardmore strikes a unique balance, having been aged in Bourbon Barrels (enhancing the sweeter notes) which previously were used to age Islay whiskies (providing a subtle boost to Ardmore's typical smokiness).  It clearly has peat and smoke, but is surprisingly light, smooth, and drinks with a sweet earthiness surrounded by fragrant smoke.  The Highland peat pairs well with that re-used Islay cask to yield a complex peat profile that is totally unexpected for something 9 years old: with enough oomph to appease peat freaks but enough delicate complexity for those who find youthful Islay too intense.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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