Signatory Single Cask Staoisha (heavily peated Bunnahabhain) 5 year (Cask #10756)


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Bunnahabhain is known for being an outlier as an unpeated Islay Whisky. But every so often they choose to peat their malt and release their unique take on Islay peat.  Here we have one of these exceptionally rare expressions. 

Despite being just 5 years old, after the Brand Manager for Signatory tried this cask, he personally insisted it be allocated a US exclusive.  A forceful, youthful, peaty affair, but not quite as intense as its Islay neighbors, presenting more of a barbecued take on smoke and with more culinary coastal notes than the iodine salinity seen from Islay's Southern coast.  An atypical whisky that we suspect will strike gold with any fan of Islay.

 Bottle Size: 750ml

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