Sugarfina Vice Collection 8pc Candy Bento Box


Filled with a decadent pairing of chocolate and booze, this handsome Candy Bento Box® is both dapper and delicious.

The gift box includes:

1. Single Malt Scotch Cordials: a rich dark chocolate shell filled with a liquid center of real whisky
2. Maple Bourbon Caramels: smooth, bourbon-infused caramels dipped in dark chocolate
3. Bourbon Bears: grown-up gummies infused with real bourbon
4. Cuba Libre: ice cube-shaped gummies infused with dark rum and bubbly cola
5. Martini Olive Almonds: roasted California almonds dipped in white chocolate
6. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews: roasted cashews dipped in premium dark chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt
7. Pale Ale Pints: refreshing gummy pints with a bright citrus flavor and a sweet, smooth finish
8. Chocolate Bacon Pretzels: crunchy pretzel bites coated in dark chocolate and rolled in white chocolate and bacon-flavored crumbles

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