TX Bourbon

TX Straight Bourbon is uniquely and distinctively Texan. It is made with #2 yellow dent Texas corn, Texas soft red winter wheat, 6-row distillers malt, our own proprietary strain of yeast that we captured from a Texas pecan – we call it the “Brazos” – and of course, pure Texas water. After more than four years of aging, we harvested and bottled our first batch of TX Straight Bourbon in December of 2016. We are very proud of this special dram and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. Our bourbon bottles are wrapped with stitched black leather at their necks, and a black band at their base. The tops are unique black leather, donated by local bootmakers.

Color: Dark amber
Nose: Floral, allspice, cinnamon
Taste: Dark fruit, sweet spice, caramel
Finish: Balanced, warm oak
Proof: 90

Bottle Size: 750ml

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