Whiskey Stories

Whiskey Stories: Games Of Thrones Editions & Comedy Luxury Event


Whiskey Stories is a highly sought after Michelin Guide recommended, immersive, multi-sensory whiskey experience with includes dinner/dessert pairings, comedy, storytelling, music, Whiskey Stories whiskey based unisex colognes, Whiskey In the Dark™ and more! Featured on Bloomberg News and Forbes and you DON'T want to miss this. Click out Whiskey Stories various experiences below.

Whiskey Stories LLC brings you several high end luxury whiskey experiences. Here is one of many. Please joint us for a fun filled evening of limited editions of Games of Thrones and Comedy Character Monologues. Get ready for a whisk(e)y journey of flavors and laughs! Do you wish some of favorite Game of Thrones characters could be brought to life by very talented actors? This one is for you!! Don't miss this one!

That's not all! For this particular event we are partnering with ReserveBar.com to bring each guest a parting gift from our whiskey/whisky partners as well as a promo code made available at the event to purchase some of the whiskies selected, namely the newly launched Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice & A Song of Fire bottles! Come find out more!

When is it?
Fri, December 13, 2019
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST

What does your experience entail?

1. 4 high end limited edition Game Of Thrones whiskey/whisky flights that you'll get to taste, nose, mouth to amplify your senses and your knowledge.
2. Accompanied by whiskey specialist and designer, Rachna Hukmani who is also the owner/founder of Whiskey Stories. Her unique presentation of each whiskey will leave you feeling enticed, amused and informed.
3. Gourmet food pairings to complement the flavors of each whisk(e)y.
4. To add to the fun each whisk(e)y will be accompanied by a comedy character actor set. What if your favorite Games of Thrones characters were brought to life. You don't want to miss this!
5. Whiskey based Whiskey Stories signature unisex cologne pairings recently featured on Bloomberg News!
6. A teaser into our Whiskey In the Dark experience
7. Parting gift for each guest (courtesy of Reserve Bar) and a Promo Code provided at the event for purchase on select bottles featured at the event
8. Other twists and turns but you'll have to come to find out more.

Photography: Whiskey Stories LLC/Rachelle White Photography.

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